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Almost Forgot EP is D.Bridges Set Up For Something Special

D.Bridges has been an artists that took his pain music to the next level. Not only has he put out music to help heal the inner person by exposing what is in the their soul. He has created a mantra of letting pain out to let healing happen through words, beats and story telling music. The Almost Forgot EP sets up the listener for something special to come .This project will leave you wanting more to heal with and something to run to when the need for music comes from the soul.

Coming off of a Heritage Hip-Hop project nomination with his project No More Losses, and his duo project with Ru-Son, Day One's, D.Bridges puts the listener back into the mode of hunger rhymes and aggressive beats. The highs on this project comes from the soul altering rhymes in his continued series Brenda's Gotta Baby Part 3, and from guest MC Montega Fuzh on Hustle. The low from this project maybe it's defining point that this is a appetizer for something bigger to come. The short listen is intriguing and will ask you if you can relate to the story, the rhymes, and what it takes to open your soul to people that may never meet you but offer them your heart and soul.

Almost Forgot EP is the teaser that Hip-Hop may need because in a world where bars are seen as secondary, the story and context of who we are listening to. "This life I lead, you could never survive a day. Cause I been through it all and had to find a way..." Lyrics that come from the pain of life and the victory of never giving into the pain.

Mike Tyson said if he could talk to his younger self he tell himself about the pain of life. People do their damned best ot never feel or experience pain but it finds itself in our lives as a broken heart, economic set backs, loss of friends or loved ones we cherish. Sometimes it turns up as we are in trouble we put ourselves into due to irrational thinking or how the cards are dealt to us in this life we live. The Almost Forget EP may give you some insight to not only being the person in pain but what life can do to you because of not dealing with pain as well. Listen to it for yourself and tell me, "When Forgot About Dre Part 2 drops will you be late to the life lessons given on that project?" A wise man would not dare to miss an opportunity to not be in pain. Even though life is full of pain, we can have outlets that lift the pain away in some measure and good music is the medicine that can cure a broken heart and a begin to heal a broken spirit. Pain is love and music is the expression of it. Do not miss this project and look forward to more music from D.Bridges that can heal the pain in life through your ears and into your conscious as a guide.

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