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And Then There Was...X...RIP DMX

All heroes do not wear capes. All heroes did not get their power from spider bites, magic rocks or something that does not relate to our lives. In Hip-Hop culture our heroes are the people that came from the bottom and made it out to a place where they could influence others with their voices and talents. DMX is a hero when it comes to Hip-Hop and life because he looks like us, he suffered like us and ultimately he died leaving us to remember the man and the myth called DMX.

For me DMX is more than a rapper/MC. DMX was a statement the world was not ready for. The hardcore street bred rapper that talked to his demons in his music but prayed for forgiveness and salvation on record and with the people. Whether he was making us dance, recognizing the harshness of the street life, bringing the most beautiful women to the party, or being the family we all have that deals with demons of their own, DMX is our hero.

Transcending Hip-Hop is hard to do but this man went from music, to movies, to video games and ultimately into our everyday lives by dealing with his demons and trauma head on when on Television. Iyanla may not have fixed his life, and the documentaries may have never fully told us his story but the tales of the adventures of Earl Simmons tells us of more than music. There are the prayers, the sitting with the homeless, giving money and charity, and all for what? Ultimately he did what so many people fail to do when they make it "big". He stayed grounded and connected to the people while keeping God first.

We will remember DMX for the music, his rendition of Rudolph the Red Nose Rain Deer, and the Drink Champs interview he did. Even while the mainstream media wants to keep a negative stigma on his name by talking about what he lost or his "troubles", DMX will be our light and inspiration whenever he asks "Where the hood at?" He will forever be a voice that will be remembered for standing out in the crowd and making the song where people had to keep up with his energy and presence on the track. DMX is a G.O.A.T talent that we may never see again. They say heroes never die. If that is true then it is up to us to forever keep his memory and influence alive. Through all the good and tough times DMX held us down and now it is our turn to honor our hero by remembering the man, the pain and the music that changed our lives. #RIPDMX


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