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BK's LR Blitzkrieg & NEMS "Crew Love" (Lyric Video)

Brooklyn native LR Blitzkrieg has proven his stance as NYC underground Hip Hop culture Stapleton. His accolades are held with high regard across the globe as a promoter, Co-CEO of a multi-media Hip Hop brand, 1/3 of the group Hydra, founder of the super crew “The Plague”, just to name a few. Still pushing strong, LR Blitzkrieg announces the release of “Crew Love” featuring Mr. “Bing Bong” himself Gorilla NEMS…You know the f*cking vibes!

The two go hard in the mega hyper-aggressive track, respectfully representing FYL and MCMI crews. The duo spit over a remake of the roc-a-fella banger by the same name, this time produced by Atlanta MC/producer Ness Lee.

Prepare for grittiness! We appreciate any coverage.

TikTok: LR.Blitzkrieg

Crew Love Music Video:

"Crew Love" on Spotify


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