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Blerd-Hop: A Second Chance At A New Hope.

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

@starwars has returned to give us @obiwankenobi on @disneyplus and I was skeptical because the #Jedi movement was spoiled to me by the use of @johnboyega as #Finn in the sequel Trilogy. The misuse of representation of people of color is a hard pill to swallow and hard to forget especially when the movies are trash. I know people looked forward to the "Black" Jedi Hero to take the stage a kin to Mace Windu and have a meaningful purpose on screen or at least in the story and yet they failed us

Salute to them for making up for their sin so far with casting @_mosesingram as #Reva in the #obiwonkenobi show. Her character offers depth and give a plot line that goes beyond having a secret we may never know (so far)

@_mosesingram thank YOU for bringing your #power #beauty and #strength to #StarWars #Reva will be remembered forever to the people that see themselves in a Galaxy Far Far Away....

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