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Buns and Basketball Takes Entertainment To a New Level

Buns and Basketball is the new way to experience sports and to partake in beautiful women at the same time. Thick Overloadd and Mr. Phreeze bought the fun and excitement to Newark, NJ with a host of beautiful women and sports. IF you are into twerks, Basketball, Oil wrestling and boxing this is your type of event. With the local celebrities in the building the night was enjoying and non stop action. SLV Sounds aka Mr. What the hell, was in the building as a guest MC and he provided his play by play with the crowd and during the game. NJ was also treated by live performances by Fah Familiar, Haze Heffner and more during half time and during the intermissions of the event.

Buns and Basketball was a fun time for anyone looking to enjoy beautiful ladies and sports. The women know how to keep the game interesting. With out of bounds twerk plays that led to dollar bills being thrown in the air to, dance offs, half court shot contests, and a host of body movements this was a baller's dream that loves to make it rain and also likes the feel of baby oil on their skin. Buns and Basketball bought out the competition on the hard floor and in the boxing ring as well. The beautiful ladies were scrappers not just twerkers and the punches got crazy during the event. The night closed with 3 baby oil wrestling "matches" with the crowd pouring oil and enjoying a slippery show of sensuality and melinin on display.

If you are a fan of Straight Stuntin Magazine (RIP Kay Slay) you may have recognized a face or 2 during the event. The quality was in place and the women involved are not just someone picked up to do an event. Unfortunately sexuality is not celebrated and is often very taboo. I can say from the Hip-Hop perspective that sex sells and with a world not celebrating women in their "natural" form we lose the appreciation of feminine energy and divinity. I will not be preachy, to each their own, but I will say this was an event that did entertain and if you are looking to throw singles, and see a sporting event topped with sexiness then this is for you. Check out Buns and Basketball in your area and follow thier social media to discover this event when it comes to your town. Salute to The Real J Beauty for the shout outs and being a highlight for the night.

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