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ButterKnife Haircuts - 'The Sun's Not Yellow It's Chicken' LP & Mixtape With 2 Accompanied Videos

Acclaimed mega producer/beat maker ButterKnife Haircuts is back with a doubleheader. His new album ‘The Sun’s Not Yellow It’s Chicken’ features Ras Kass, Ruste Juxx, Illa Ghee, John Jigg$, and more Hip Hop powerhouses. This 9-track headnodder/banger is set to have audiences hitting repeat.

‘Grab The Mic’ Mixtape hosted by PF Cuttin hits heavy with eleven back-to-back freestyles and features Mr. Scratch Hook.

'The Sun's Not Yellow It's Chicken' Album on Apple Music

'Bacchanalia' Ft. Ruste Juxx official video

'Marble Statuary' Ft. John Jigg$ & Ras Kass official video

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