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CookBook & Surebert - PortLAngeles | Album & Video

PortLAngeles is the collab album from LA symphony’s own CookBook, with Portland’s top notch producer Surebert. This was a match made in heaven! Surebert’s soulful production truly drew something special out of Cook.

MURS said of their 2nd single, Magic (We Can Do), “ Magic is your best song ever, I think. Congrats bro. You broke out of your standard cadence. It’s very you. The singing too. Your calm approach/delivery, that’s that way man. Effortless, Cook!” That quote accurately describes the entire project from front to back.

PortLAngeles is truly something special that you need in your ears and hearts!

Check out the album and video for the single "Magic (We Can Do)" below.


Surebert is Portland’s best kept secret. He is one of the cities top producers, if not the world’s. His soulful tracks create a beautiful sound bed for any emcee to dig deep, and come up with hits! He manipulates & handles samples and drums with the precision of a NASA engineer. It’s no wonder his tracks transport you to other worlds! His work on PortLAngeles displays his gifting at its highest level, and perfectly compliments CookBook’s vocals.

With a musical career that spans into multiple decades, CookBook is showing no signs of stopping. His early years with the group LA Symphony introduced him to the world of being signed, touring the world, and working with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. However, it would be in his solo work where CookBook would truly shine and make a name for himself. He takes no time off as a rapper, producer, and podcast host, and continues to re-invent his flows and styles while still keeping it rooted in that classic hip-hop sound. With his newest album "PortLAngeles", he teamed up with Portland's own Surebert, who has a similar approach to his production. This resulted in a timeless project that has a West coast vibe and punches you in the face with fresh,

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