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D.Bridges Is What Hip-Hop Is Looking For.

Sometimes there are artists that go under the radar of the mainstream culture that have the love of the people. The industry misses when in comes to moving the needle forward when these artists are not acknowledged or in the know. D.Bridges is an artist that creates worlds through his word play and pain on top of beats that move the heart and soul. Forgot About Dre 2 is no different as he takes his artistry up another notch by making music from his life to give the world joy, through his look into the world.

On June 24th, D.Bridges had a release party that helped to profile some of the great artists NJ Hip-Hop has to offer. Artists like Joe B. Lyfe, Tookah Da Don, Gail Campbell, Renato, Dot Bundini, and Queen Neveah took to the stage and brought in the Jersey Hip-Hop feel of lyrics and beats that make NJ a hard act to look down whenever the real ones take the stage. Special guest of honor Ru-Son walked the crowd down with bars of his life and gave an intro of what pain music can do while telling a story. By giving hope to the listener for new life to come through expression with deep words and heart felt pain through beats.

D.Bridges wanted to be sure that he gave the listeners more than pain, he gives joy, love, appreciation and hunger in his music. The old Dre knows how to rap, but this Dre shows he has learned to give the people what they ask for. He gives the ladies their heartflet music. He gives people their bars, and he talks to the spirit when he goes into his depths to talk to his beloved mother and others in his family.

With the aid from some stand out artists like Gail Campbell. Queen Neveah, Nato, and more, D.Bridges executes this album with a precise gift that will aid the listener in appreciating a story and what Hip-Hop is. What is Hip-Hop you ask? It is our connection to God that helps us express who we are. We will never forget about Dre because his music will always keep him in conversation aas one of the best artists to come out of the Garden State of Hip-Hop.

Follow Heritage Hip-Hop on Youtube for Live Performances from the Forgot About Dre 2 Album Party event. Here is D.Bridges Full set below:

Forgot About Dre 2 is Available now:

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IG: @dbridgesmusic

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