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Dedicated to a Pioneer

Image taken from Facebook Credit @Drift

Sometimes Hip-Hop is bigger than beats and raps. The gentleman in this picture is Cheeph of Know Good Broduction. He was an MC (Polo Fresh) and a teacher in the community. My writing of this is not to talk about rhymes and flows, it is to take the time to acknowledge a man that gave something to the Hip-Hop Community that many people do not give and that is commitment. As a teacher he was known as Mr. Owens in East Orange, NJ. He was a man that gave service and consistent attention to the youth in our community. He represented the 2% of Men of Color in the education field that teach in the classroom. When we crossed paths it was love and respect always be tween us. So, to not tell Cheeph thank you for fighting evil by not only using Hip-Hop but education in the classroom would be evil within itself.

This post is a testament to his students, his family and those he touched in the community in so many ways. To everyone reading this, know this, before you close this out and go about your day. Everyone is someone's child...respect that. If you have someone in your life that you love tell them you love them...no days are promised. Cheeph was a good guy that was taken from us through gun violence and no he was not a foul mouthed gangster that mainstream media describes men of color to be. He was a teacher, father, son, grand father, nephew, uncle, MC, friend and mentor.

Cheeph may the Most High honor your spirit, and bless all the hearts that are hurting that your life has touched. We will raise a microphone and bow our heads to thank the Most High for your creation in this cruel world. Gone, but not taken because we will honor you in our memories, our stories and your students will walk in honor of the many lessons you have taught. Thank you God for giving us Cheeph. We give him back but it's hard to let go when someone so good means so much to so many.

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