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Drift Returns With A New Album and New video, "Goofy"

If there is one thing that Drift has mastered, it is taking the sounds of yesterday and updating them with modern word play while still keeping that soulful bop. His music takes the listener back to the era of the wop and the head nod. 2 step Hip-Hop is a staple in the culture and while some just want to jump up and down crazy to music. There are some that like to chill and reminisce to the era where being smooth was as deadly as gem dropped in a ear changing verse.

Drift keeps that feeling alive, and when hearing the album preview for his new release, F.T.R aka Fuck The Rest, King Kojo reminds people that not only can he give you that slick talk, he can give you that bop that brings that good thing back to the ear. With songs ranging from street character to a person's state of grace, Drift rehashes some of the sounds from the 90s era of Hip-Hop and spins them back with new language to update the sound. His guest features include Left Gunnz, and Molly to name a few. Both veterans that can change the dynamic of a song at any time and give this project personality as well. With this new project coming out May 30th , Drift gives us a new video to prepare people for the new push and sound in his music.

Goofy is out now and the video calls out people that "do too much" and act out of character. Check out the video and be sure to follow Drift aka King Kojo to here new music and to purchase some of his art.

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