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ethemadassassin and Seven Da Pantha - Push The Line (ft. Rick Vega) | Video

ethemadassassin and Seven Da Pantha first met in the late 90’s on the North Carolina underground battle scene in a head to head freestyle battle before either of their professional solo careers even started. Simultaneously, the two emcees rose up through the ranks in the North Carolina hip hop scene taking similar but separate paths, establishing themselves as household names in the scene with numerous mutual acquaintances while somehow never crossing paths again. During the recording of E’s second solo album, 2008’s “Tomorrow Never Comes,” E linked with beat maker and producer Devaron Benjamin of Beatvault Productions. Devaron happened to be working separately with Seven Da Pantha and Devaron became the conduit that would bring the two emcees back together. However, instead of two hungry emcees battling for bragging rights, this time it was two budding artists with an appreciation for the other emcee’s artistry. Ironically, the two emcees still never managed to work together until they both had become disenchanted with what then was a low ceiling in the NC hip hop scene and separately decided to take their individual talents to the West Coast, with E landing in Los Angeles in 2011 and Seven landing in Tacoma, Washington shortly after. The two emcees stayed in touch via social media, building as men and as emcees. Of course, when two emcees who respect each other as men and artists connect and keep asking each other why have they never made music together after so many years, music eventually happens. Seven first came to the table with a track from D.R.U.G.S. Beats (which would later become the first single and bonus track, “Greatness”) and after completing that song, the two decided to do a full length project. That’s when E looked towards Polish boombap producer Slidebeatz (producer for Big Twins, Heem B$F, Illa Ghee, Planet Asia, Supreme Cerebral, and at that time most recently with E’s homie from the LA scene, XP THE MARXMAN) and they cooked up the platter full of street knowledge, esoteric knowledge, and overall world knowledge and consciousness over Slidebeatz production wizardry that is, “Carter N Newton: The Field Report.” "Carter N Newton: The Field Report" is available on all platforms now.

“Push The Line,” featuring Los Angeles native Rick Vega, is the 3rd single off ethemadassassin’s and Seven Da Pantha’s explosive collaborative album, “Carter N Newton: The Field Report.”

The breezy Slidebeatz production provides the perfect backdrop for the 3 emcees’ certified slick talk as they spit straight bars about what happens when lines get pushed and boundaries get crossed.

“Carter N Newton: The Field Report” is available on all streaming platforms.

Check out the video and grab your copy of the album below.

Find more info on ethemadassassin here:

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