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The Social Media giant whose MKT CAP is $529.71 Billion Dollars Continues to make headlines.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg keeps pushing the boundaries of Social Media.

With Over 2.7 Billion Monthly users and growing. They hold the top spot in the World of Social Media.

Facebook's Algorithm is alive and forever learning.

Thus making it difficult to achieve

organic Success on Facebook.

Let's not forget this is a business and with any business financial gains is the goal.

One of the newest changes down the road. (Facebook Likes) have become a mainstay to users across Social Media. Setting the bars for users to gauge reactions on their posts.

Data Miner Jane Manchun Wong discovered that they are experimenting with hiding likes from your news feed.

Only the Administrator will be able to see the data.

This method will address concerns about users Mental Health. Breaking the fixation most users have with likes could relieve anxiety.

Anxiety, Anxiety,

What about the anxiety of the 87 Million individuals who no suffer from anxiety over the Data Breach from Cambridge Analytica?

The small fine of $5 Billion Dollars is just a drop in the bucket to the Media Giant.

Personal this all reminds me of schools give out participation trophies to make others students feel good.

They giveth they taketh away.

Google Plus gave us views then took it away. That was the worst mistake ever.

Now G+ is no more.

Facebook CEO purchased

Instagram in 2012 for$1 Billion Dollars. Aftwr suffer some financial troubles their looking to bounce back.

We've experienced new changes and many more to come.


Hiding IG likes during the month of August.

"remove the pressure of how many likes a post will receive"

"excited by the early test results." Facebook


Faddys Place


What are your thoughts on this new tactics by Facebook?

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