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Field Of Dreamz is a Love Letter to Plainfield, NJ Hip-Hop

Every time someone drops an album or project we hear about where they are from but they do not ever pain the picture of where they are from sonically. Hip-Hop these days tends to blend sounds no we have no idea where the artist is from we can only take what they say at value not knowing if the truth is really coming from their mouths or their beats. Julius Pimpn of Chill Lounge Music made sure on this project that he not only wanted you to know Plainfield, NJ is Hip-Hop but they have a certain sound to celebrate in their unique ability to paint a lyrical canvas over the knock of the Nj Hip-Hop sound.

This album serves with severe beats that will bend your mind and twist your neck into the sour face head nod that Hip-Hop requires when the music is on point. Julius Pimpn serves the listeners with beats meant to to enjoyed not just played while people talk on them. The temperature of a good beat, and good production is felt when the delivery of the artists fits and matches the intensity of the music that is being made. Julius Pimpn makes his case for being a producer and beat maker that needs to be talked about as having a sound that needs to be heard in the "Who has dope beats?"...conversation.

The artist's deliver with crafty word play, energy and more importantly direction on this project. When you talk about NJ Hip-Hop Essex County (Newark, Oranges, Irvington etc.) is what people talk about the most. Jersey City and Elizabeth may come next, but this album uses lyrics, beats and news reports to let the listener know Hip-Hop is all over the state and Plainfield is here to be heard on this project. This project is a love letter to Plainfield, NJ's Hip-Hop sound and there is so much more to look forward to now that these voices are being heard. Look forward to hearing Plainfield, NJ more in the conversation if the music continues to be this well put together. It will only get better for Chill Lounge Music from this project on.

This album will be releases 7/30/21 on all streaming platforms and available for purchase on that date as well.


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