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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage is deeply rooted in Hip-Hop culture so we at Heritage Hip-Hop want to say thank you to the many nations and flags that are waved in honor of culture by way of the many people in different places, on different coasts that have embraced our music, our style of dress and our desire to be heard. Hispanic people have helped to build, shape and mold Hip-Hop from the very beginning and today during this month we honor your contributions. We ask in the comments for the readers to drop a name of a person or a movement that has influenced the growth of Hip-Hop from Hispanic Culture. Shout out to all the B-Boys, B-Girls, MCs, Dancers, Graph artists, Producers, Community Leaders and teachers that protect Hispanic Culture and up hold it within our Hip-Hop culture. We at Heritage Hip-Hop once again Thank you and honor you.

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