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Introducing Dutchess, 6city's new Noble of Music!


Evolving in the rap game; Dutchess has made some real noise in the

international underground scene. Letting everyone know this is her moment

as a solo artist. Her fans are gunning for her full blown launch that’s just in

time for this wave of talent coming out of the city of Toronto.

This Canadian Rapper grew up deeply rooted in a Jamaican & Native heritage.

She is also a songwriter & model striving to build an empire.

Dutchess is best known for her ambition, flow, and rawness. Her popular single

“Turnt Up” was the 3rd most viewed video on Worldstar Hip Hop on the day of

its release. Gaining much of her exposure while featuring in the videos &

projects of many known artists & affiliates. Such as Wiz Khalifa, Tory Lanez,

Rich Kidd and more.

Raised by her single mother, Dutchess’ love for music started at a young age

with her family members all being deejays. Growing up her musical influences

included Missy Elliot, Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Aaliyah, Biggie, Andre 3000,

SWV and Da Brat. These artists carved her style that we see today with their

beats, flow, and lyricism. Appreciating their stories; it amazed her how these

artists came from nothing and became something so legendary & timeless.

She’s in it for longevity & her work ethic reflects this aspiration.

It's Definitely go time for this multi-talented musician.

Repping an ideal that’s often duplicated but rarely authentic. Dutchess is nothing but one of the realest. With this track she’s created a universal anthem that’s sure to inspire. Read her take on this offering: “My approach for ‘Big talk Big walk’ was a lot more about lyricism and delivery whereas in the past I gravitated towards the fun club banger. I wanted to showcase my penmanship and give my listeners a taste of my wordplay. While still being myself & fun just in a lyrical way. I think it shows growth and that’s exactly what I want to showcase going into a new year and new chapter with a lot of new music. A new defined & polished Dutchess.”

For more information on Dutchess, go to:

Get Millz Records


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