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J.Cole and the K.O.D. Album makes a statement for the year

In the wake of Hip-Hop's trend of people using drugs and people falling under the influence of many different vices to numb the pain that they are experiencing on a day to day basis. J. Cole's album K.O.D is very relevant for the times and the culture we are in today.

K.O.D is an acronym that stands for King Overdose and Kids on Drugs. In today's society that can be taken literally and metaphorically. Today a lot of young people using prescription and non prescription, legal and illegal drugs as a trend and many are losing their lives. Some young people are overdosing on Television, Video Games , and other forms of entertainment not focusing on the lives ahead of them. Many people are addicted to sex and other entertainment vices to numb the pain of whatever they may be going through and not dealing with their issues and healing themselves.

Recently in Hip-Hop we lost Mac Miller to over dosing and he is 1 of many talents lost to opioids in the public eye. DJ Screw, Pimp C and Amy Whinehouse are great talents that were taken from us, and many more that I can not name that may or may not have been in the industry have died to over consumption of vices that have taken them away from the world TOO SOON.

Some people like J. Cole and some do not. But whether you like him or not this album has cultural relevance and the great Nina Simone once said an artist's responsibility is to reflect the times in which they live in. Salute to J. Cole and this album. Arguably album of the year in some Hip-Hop circles. Please if anyone is reading this that has an issue or knows someone that does please seek help and heal from whatever pain you feel and are going through. Death never solves the issue. Please live long, strong and prosper in your entire life.

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