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Japreme Magnetic 'Science 40' EP

D.C.-based acclaimed underground Hip Hop artist Japreme Magnetic announces the release of his brand new EP titled 'Science 40' with production by John Banes. Magnetic has been making history for Hip Hop books as the first artist to rhyme strictly over samples of live performances and arguably the first Hip Hop artist who promotes environmental sustainability. His catalog of music continues to turn heads of icons and legends as well as buzz through headlines and his new EP 'Science 40' is no exception. The 5-track EP features Lord Pacis and is accompanied by a video for the lead single "Pressure and Punishment." For those not familiar with Japreme Magnetic, from the age of 25-40, he spent incarcerated. This body of work touches on that.

The lead single/video “Pressure and Punishment” shows Magnetic rhyming on the court stand and from a prison cell while waiting to post bond. The only thing Japreme Magnetic is guilty of is an unmatched pen game. Regardless of where his feet stand he’s in tune with the world around him and applies pressure and punishment when situations arise. In the end, Magnetic slams the gavel and declares bond posted.

Music Video:

Connect with Japreme Magnetic

Instagram: @japreme_magnetic | @spectacular.rgm

Twitter: @japrememagnetic


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