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Lave Releases Must See Video "Honor Us"

Brooklyn based lyricist/producer Lave is back on the scene with his latest self-produced single/video “Honor Us.”

“I was encouraged to make this track and speak upon rappers being killed. I want to bring awareness through integrity”, Lave does just that in “Honor Us.” Through intricate rhymes and storytelling, he raises flags in the Hip Hop community about rappers being killed over foolishness. He mentions the evil world we live in not needing any extra wolves diving into self-destruction, rather it’s time to honor Hip Hop, the culture, and everything it stands for.

Lave provides an impeccable blend of classic Hip Hop cadences with innovative sounds that heighten both his raw emotion and message. Watch “Honor Us” and connect with Lave below.

Connect with Lave

IG: @hotrod564

Twitter: @rodmus1

Tic Tok: @rodmus0

Facebook: Lave Entertainment

YouTube video

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