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M-Dot & Revalation - Jump Start (Remix) prod. by DJ Grazzhoppa + M-Dot & Philly G - Superbad prod. b

Boston tag-team cohorts M-Dot & Revalation (EMS crew) bring forth yet another street grizzled offering with the "Jump StartRemix" (courtesy of DJ Grazzhoppa). The Kane & Abel like pairing unleash verbal cinema over DJ Grazzhoppa’s venomous drums. Video out now and song available on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms.

Written by M-Dot & Revalation Song Produced, Mixed & Mastered by DJ Grazzhoppa & Sensus

Socials Media: @MDotBoston (Everywhere) | @RevOfEMS (Everywhere) | @DJGrazzhoppa (Everywhere)

As an added bonus track…M-Dot & Philly G drop some funk ridden braggadocio with “Superbad.” A fun single, full of crass & raunchy wordplay over D’Vibes off kilter swing production.

Stream D'Vibes ft. M-Dot & Philly G "Superbad" prod. by D'Vibes

Streaming Links:

Written by M-Dot & Philly G

Produced by D'Vibes | Mixed & Mastered by Quiz

Socials: Twitter: @dvibesonda1 IG: @dvibesputitontheone | @MDotBoston (Everywhere) | Twitter: @PhillyGMusic IG: @phillyg100


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