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Nas' New Album Magic makes Hip-Hop Feel Pure Again.

Whenever Nas decides to drop an album the world stands still for the generation he represents. Nas for many is old school and he is pure Hip-Hop to others. But where all generations of thought will come to one conclusion on Nas, is that he loves the culture and you can hear it within his music. With a renewed sound and a Grammy win documented on his legacy, Nas continues to do what OGs are supposed to and that is to be truthful without regret in all his moves.

The new music shows more of his perspective as a man that lives and has lived many lives in his time. The scary thing is that in this crazy world where we never know when time may stop for any of us, the moments to teach, and to be taught are becoming more necessary as the days seem to move on. So in today's era of music where music is always given to the youth it is good to see someone that upholds the culture to a high level still making moves to show the world how special Hip-Hop is by giving needed messages in the music. Where Hip-Hop has went into the shake your ass and get high emotional era, Nas teams up with Hit-Boy again to release another great release that talks about the truth of Nas' legacy and how he is inspired by the doubt that was put on his name for years in the game.

Magic is 9 tracks of lyrics and musical scripture meant to feed the mind while Hit-Boy produces the sound that gives the rhythm of life to the heart and ear of the listener. With lines like "...feeding the buzz till KD3 comes out..." It seems like Nas and Hit-Boy are making the statement of "Keeping Real Hip-Hop Alive", while using skits from conversations of people sating Nas killed Hip-Hop by him proclaiming Hip-Hop is Dead. In my opinion this is where we grow from the death of Hip-Hop talk to now how do we nurture the genre and culture to keep moving it forward?

Nas used Magic in my opinion to once again show us how to be a master while mastering his craft. With the "Video Music Box" documentary out now on Showtime, Mass Appeal Records putting out music and podcasts, The Bridge, and putting out music we have seen Nas more now than ever before. With investments and media putting him in the public eye, Nas is becoming one of the true monuments of Hip-Hop Culture, Music Culture and more importantly Life's Process to teach all people especially from the inner city that the world IS yours and you have the power to make it into whatever you choose through inspiration and finding your purpose. Hit-Boy delivers masterfully in the music and with quotes like Nas and Hit-Boy are the new Gangstarr there is a lot to focus on and to look forward to on King's Disease 3. With all the talk of who can beat who on a Verzuz stage, I will say this for anyone that is seen as untouchable put Nas in there as he adds to masterful catalogue and keeps the culture pure by adding wisdom to the sound that comes out of it year after year with quality music. Magic is out right now on all music platforms, this is one to buy not rent from your phone or computer. Thank us later for this advice.


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