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New Album: Mega Producer Configa & DJ Views 'The Year After' Ft. Countless Hip Hop Legends!

Nationally and internationally acclaimed mega-producer Configa for Configaration Records announces the release of his collaborative album with DJ Views titled ‘The Year After.’ The 12-track project features Hip Hop legends including Speech (Arrested Development), Chino XL, Craig G, Ruste Juxx, El Da Sensei, Ras Kass, Planet Asia, Pacewon, Termanology, Dell-P, John Robinson, and that’s only naming a few! Configa and DJ Views have worked side by side over the past six months polishing and perfecting ‘The Year After’ to ensure that listeners, fans, and Hip Hop purists devour nothing less than a melting pot brewing and overflowing with musical genius. What’s to be expected the year after? With top-not lyricists, emcees, wordsmiths, icons, and pioneers, the world can anticipate raw substance that is profoundly depicted and vividly etched into our minds. Be prepared as all five senses will tremor from much-needed thought-provoking revelations.

Stream/download ‘The Year After’ and connect with Configa below:


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