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[New Video] McGyver & Pete Rock - '89

McGyver & Pete Rock - '89

International Hip Hop history is written as the all time icon Pete Rock teams up with the rapper McGyver (Netherlands/Canada) for a never been done bilingual track & video called ‘89. Referring to McGyver’s birthday and year (22 April 1989), the song shows his lyrical craftsmanship in two mother tongues over a timeless signature Pete Rock production. To immortalize the collaboration, their teams have partnered up with NoisyPanda World for a limited batch of NFTs, introducing the music industry to the world’s first virtual Hip Hop 12inch single. The NFT contains exclusive material such as the instrumental and acapella, custom cover artwork & 5 unique dubplate 12” physical vinyls. The release of ‘89 is officially introducing Hip Hop culture to Dutch & English bilingual rap, while merging true school Hip Hop collectibles with the world of crypto technology for the first time in history. A real treat for the seasoned collector.

Music Video:

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"Camillionizm" album coming soon

Forthcoming on McGyver’s new LP Camillionizm, besides Pete Rock household names such as K-Def, Large Professor and Figub Brazlevic rebound with classic beats, while legendary pioneers like Fredro Starr (Onyx), Neek the Exotic (Main Source), Craig G and Def P (The Netherlands first ever MC to rap in his native tongue Dutch & successfully break all the charts with his crew Osdorp Posse starting in the early 90s) grab the mic alongside McGyver.

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Facebook: @ThisIsMcGyver

Instagram: @KymerMcGyver


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