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ONYX Drops "Bo! Bo! Bo!" Video from Upcoming '1993' Album Release

1993 was one of the best years in Hip Hop with debut albums from Snoop Dogg

Wu-Tang and Onyx. On March 4th Onyx will take us back in time with their

new album "1993." Get out your hoodies, Timbs, shine those bald heads, and Slam!

Ukrainian producer Stasevich handles the production of the album. The beats sound like it was made in 1993 with hard drums and dark samples. Fun fact, the album was recorded in 24 hours in one studio session. Fredro Starr says "We didn't write any lyrics on this album, this is a vibe."

Onyx flow sounds similar to the first album 'BACDAFUCUP' released in 1993 on Def Jam Records. Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz take us on a ride through the United States Ghetto with Hardcore lyrics and grimey melodies.

In the new single "BO! BO! BO!" Sticky Fingaz raps "Gunshots bouncing off the wall, Bullets playing ping pong, Hang you from a building motherfucka, King Kong." Onyx is bringing it back!! "1993"

First single: BO! BO! BO!



Official YouTube video:


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