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Ray Pearson gets Suave in his first Spanish Crossover Track Haciéndolo

The Emcee from the Bronx continues to pay homage to his roots by releasing his first Spanish / English crossover project Suave Ramón produced by Famine. Haciéndolo, the lead single off the project sets the mood to the story.

About Ray Pearson

Born in the heart of hip hop the Bronx , Artist Ray Pearson has been a fan of hip-hop for as long as he can remember. With greats like Biggie and Grandmaster Flash on the radio he always knew that he would one day be standing among the legends himself. Inspired personally by his older brother Mello and musical influences such as Eminem, Big Pun, Cuban Link & Jay-Z, he applied parts of their lyrical resonance into his sound and became his own artist.


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