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Recap W/ The Goodfellaz Challenges the Way Hip-Hop Commentaries are Done.

Hip-Hop commentaries seem to come out weekly but they suffer from the same issue...they have a limited range of topics to cover. These podcasts and commentaries talk about the music industry, beef and something that is not relevant to the entire Hip-Hop culture. GoodfellazTV saw that and birthed a Hip-Hop commentary show that hits on various topics and is not afraid to tell everyone the real, raw opinions of its' hosts.

Recap W/ The Goodfellaz features the voices of Tommy Gunz, Dav the Photographer, Shai Montana, DJ Big A and Karev of Heritage Hip-Hop. The Goodfellaz recap show covers weekly hot topics that include Hip-Hop culture, Television & Movies, Money and Investing, Politics, Sports and more. The Goodfellaz team have covered The Derek Chauvin Trial, the Corona Virus Vaccine and The Legacy of DMX as well as other interesting topics giving a grounded and at most times personal point of view. With interviews under their belt with guests including a Doctor, a musician and another podcaster, the Goodfellaz are not afraid to invite guest to touch on any topic of conversation.

Recap W/ The Goodfellaz is streamed weekly on Facebook and on Youtube. Click the link below to join the Youtube Page to never miss an episode and to catch the hottest and realest commentary that covers the Hip-Hop Culture. Make sure you hit the subscribe button and the notification bell to not miss the hottest commentary in the Hip-Hop culture.

Follow the GoodfellazTV squad on IG:


Dav the Photographer: @DAV_AEP





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