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Runt Dawg returns with Silence Punk

Runt Dawg is back and brings his new album Silence Punk to the table. This new 16 track project returns us to the NJ HIP-HOP boom bap, punch line sound. With solid lyrics and production, Silence Punk features the double single Same Energy and Hustlemann, but those songs do not show the depth of dopeness when it comes to the full project. With features by Keith Murray, Doitall, Ruste Juxx and more, With today's era of music replay value at an all time low, this album challenges the trend by being a project that will stay in your rotation on repeat. The best music always rises and this project keeps Runt Dawg's rise consistent as he solidifies the term "Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper." Silence Punk is available now, enjoy greatness as it only come around every so often. Keep silent and enjoy great music.

Silence Punk is available on all streaming platforms: https://open.spotify.com/album/2diqs3tRj1tYuObBlWsDaY?si=Y7IVzDTTQSm6EdrwYYUD0g

Runt Dawg's Social Media:

Facebook: Shariff Runtdawg Williams




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