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Shade 45's Da Inphamus Amadeuz Joins Jared Alston in "Proud of Me" Video

21-year old vocalist/writer/entertainer Jared Alston along with Done Deal Management announce the release of “Proud of Me.” The single/video features Shade 45’s Da Inphamus Amadeuz.

The NJ-based artist displays his fresh lyrical talent and invigorating vibe along with a captivating ability to draw in OG’s and young G’s. Jared’s bars and aesthetic are on point and gimmick-free. The single/video depicts his honest come-up in the industry. Not playing into one-hit wonders, zany trends, 360 contracts, or being boxed in, Jared’s grind and hustle are both authentic and respected.

Amadeuz, co-signing Jared’s message provides a gritty edge to ensure other rappers stay on the sideline popping pills and chasing empty bags.

This fresh dose of earmilk is guaranteed to please Hip Hop enthusiasts across the globe, mainstream and independently.

Connect with Jared Alston Instagram: @jaredalston Twitter: @jaredalston41

"Proud of Me" on Apple Music and Spotify

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