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Teddy Bear Jerz Bears His Soul To The World

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

The artists that make great impact on their chosen craft are the ones that go beyond the visual and the apparent, to make themselves known. They want the crowd to feel who they are not just to hear or see themselves in what they do. An artist that is passionate about their work not only puts their best into it but they want the people who experience their work to walk with them through the journey of expression that they have laid out. Teddy Bear Jerz did just that at this Birthday/Album Party and he let the world into his little secret. The secret that he shared was that not only is he and artist but his soul comes with a promise of life as well.

People were treated to a DJ, food, hookah, drinks and beauty in the crowd. Anticipation was building for the star to arrive. People mingled and were anxious for what and who was to arrive and the crowd was given a treat that we all take for granted. We were able to see, feel , and hear music that was meant not only for your ears but for your soul to intake and grow from. Nassor Nuru of The Late Night Flight Podcast served as the MC for this occasion and set the tone for going for goals people may not see and appreciating the moment. He took the moment to set the stage for the event and then the magic started.

The night was treated to a live band called Blaq Rose and they laid out the mood for the night. Teddy Bear Jerz came out with singer Angel Blu and we got to hear smooth singing with lyrics of love and strength we the crowd fell into a trance at the moment when Jerz dropped his husky words of hope and Angel Blu sang the words of love and connection. The night did not stop with feelings of appreciation and love it elevated with Nato Musik taking the stage and giving his voice to the ears of the people in reach as they heard the melody of truth come from artists that wanted to give the world their truth and its' realness from the soul and spirit to their senses.

Jerz brought the crowd back to reality when he brought Suave' to the stage to hit some of his "ratchet music". But the night was not defined by Jerz and his guests. The night was served a helping of testimony when Jerz performed his lead single and hit "Order My Steps". When This song came on this was when the master showed up and the crowd had to sit at his feet to hear the message take form. See the night was a celebration and God was given his due when the music stopped and the spirit started.

Most artists are known for how we hear what they say but Jerz wanted us to feel what he was given by God and through patience and perseverance. Order My Steps is the song that opens Teddy Bear Jerz's album and takes you on his audio story of growth and his stance on life and claiming his spot in the book of life. His album Bear With Me speaks on many fronts. Bear with him as he grows before our eyes and ears. Bear with him as he gains an understanding of himself and his skill set. Also bear with him as he gives the world his growing vision and we see his hopes and dreams come true as we nod our heads and dance to its' approval.

Teddy Bear Jerz's album Bear With Me is out now on all streaming media and we present the live performances from Heritage Hip-Hop on YouTube.

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