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Inspiration and The Exodus of DMX

Exodus 1:7 says, "And the children of Israel were fruitful, and increased abundantly, and multiplied, and waxed exceeding mighty; and the land was filled with them." KJV

Since DMX came into the game many people increased within the Hip-Hop landscape due to to the influence of not only his music but also his story. Who could not want the underdog to win when it came to the fight, the struggle and pain that we all go through in life. We root for the underdog in the fight because not only is that the American way, but it is those stories that give us hope and inspire us to reach a greatness many are told about but few ever fulfill.

With Exodus being the Posthumous album of DMX, we get a fitting goodbye from an MC that shared his hope, pain and struggle with the world and bought us to God within his walk through life, pain, and fame just the same. DMX has left this world and leaves behind one more album to tell us about pain, struggle the streets and his dream to be with God and give life to the world and his people that listen to him.

People will talk about the many features on the album and how the beats were given, salute to Swizz Beats for overseeing this project, but It would be criminal to not give the artist his just due as well. DMX once again showed the world what it is to be a game changer and an MC that uses his voice to give a message and share his view of the world with us even if it is just for one last album.

With this one last album DMX leaves the world but the lands of the world will be filled abundantly with people that will talk about the story of a man that not only changed the way we see, hear and feel Hip-Hop culture. The streets will be filled with people who are inspired to find God, share their pain and their story of overcoming the odds and be coming the underdogs that overcame and stood tall given the example of one that never let the world hold him down. R.I.P Earl Simmons aka DMX

Exodus the last studio album of DMX is out now on all music platforms for streaming and purchases:


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