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The Fall of R. Kelly

I remember when we first heard of Bill Cosby going down for sexual encounters with women, the sentiment around was of a man of color being brought down for something that was not fair because Caucasian men do it too. The women that were taken advantage of were put to the rear and the argument of is this real or not was the main idea of the legal suit that took place. No matter how we feel about the social ramifications to the case if one person has injustice committed against them then we all suffer.

That same sentiment comes to mind with the R. Kelly movement. People knew R. Kelly committed questionable behavior for years and why is this now coming to the forefront? How many of us saw The Boondocks episode where R. Kelly's trial was the focal point and Huey put the entire community on blast for supporting someone that has serious issues and needs help? Just like the characters in the episode, people cheered R. Kelly and let him continue to be the man that he was. Whether you decide to call him a musical genius or pervert the man definitely can be defined as special in every positive and negative way possible.

Master P talked about the parents that allowed this behavior to go on and not going to rescue their babies knowing this abuse has taken place. Nick Cannon said in a Vlad TV interview that R. Kelly has the mind of a teenager and that is why he insist on dealing with young girls cause a grown woman is above him intellectually and would not put up with his short comings. Whether this is true or not does not matter but gives insight to R. Kelly and what he may be thinking but the one thing that is certain is YOU DO NOT HARM PEOPLE'S CHILDREN!

R. Kelly's music has now been taken out of a lot of music markets but in true American Fashion people are now buying his music and creating revenue for his work. The true tragedy is that if it is true he sold his music rights touring is the only way he can make money and who is going to support him at a live show now in the wake of people coming out to kill his talent and lively hood as a performing act. The truth is if we do not hold R. Kelly responsible then how will he learn and get help. You may still listen to his music and separate his art from his deeds, but I ask you when you look at a 14 year old girl, do you see sex or do you see someone you hope get's it right where the world is cruel and wrong to so many people in it? Father's does Bump and Grind come to mind when your 14 year old comes into the room or around you? If it does or you see no problem with it then you are sick and like Mr. Kelly you are in need of help. Does this latest testament of his behavior leave you wanting to see The Pied Piper of R&B play songs and see children dance away to his music? Whatever your answer is, you are entitled to your opinions and choices. As a parent and person that cares and educates children I hope R. Kelly gets the help he needs and he is given all the time he needs to get the proper help needed whether it is behind bars or exiled away from people for awhile to heal and get his life right at all cause.

Art by Drift / @therealdrift and Lyle Omolayo / @lyleomolayo

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