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The King of Pop in Hip-Hop

Happy Birthday and RIP to the late great Michael Joe Jackson. Michael Jackson is and will always be the king of pop in the hearts of many people. Even though there are people in the world that think he is not so great (Sam Smith), Michael Jackson's music still influences the world of art and music today with people putting on amazing live shows and tributes to him to this very day. Michael Jackson has also influenced Hip-Hop culture as well with style and his way of dress. Songs with Eve, Jay-Z, and the late great Heavy D have ensured that Michael Jackson not only crosses genres but made a case of being relevant and worthy to be acknowledged at all times as being one of the greats to have ever shared his talent with the world. One of the original childhood stars that went into adulthood and keep raising the bar to create and express whenever he touched the stage. Happy Birthday Mr. Jackson. You gave us sweet music and to that we dance forever more to your music.

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