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The NuJericans Return Us To The Essence: La Ruta Natural

"La Grandeza Viene De La Habilidad y La Experiencia"

Sometimes there are groups and people that take Hip-Hop lovers back to when they loved the "raw essence of Hip-Hop". The NuJericans are the call back to rhymes and Boombap sounds of the city. This feels like the Brick City and Jersey City sound of the 90s with a new delivery that can inspire cyphers and conversations of who can drop a verse to change the landscape of a session. People believe Hip-Hop nowadays is full of mumble rap, or tempered flows that are lazy without aggression. I beg to differ with many offerings of examples and this album will be one of them.

Joey Dynamite and Sol Zalez are 2 artists that give their very essence to the rhyme and the caliber of delivery. Songs like H.U.S.T.L.E, URGE, and S.O.C.K.S. display the power of an MC not the voice of a person looking to rap to a temple just to make people move their necks to rhythm. Guest appearances by Ren Thomas and the incredible duo Billion Man Rebellion show that Bars, Hip-Hop, and delivery is something this group takes advantage and keeps the raw essence of flows highly appreciated and well needed when it comes to what some people call pure Hip-Hop.

This album comes at a time where the resurfacing of bars, and flows are becoming the way to judge who is hot and not who is catchy for the moment. With catalog music being the norm of how music is consumed it just goes to show a body of work is the way to be appreciated and remembered. With a music catalog comes the potential of greatness, Greatness comes from skill and experience. Experience the skill of the NuJericans and determine how great the flows and delivery is. You will be impressed if you love music, but you are just looking to get lit. You may miss one of the best displays of love Hip-Hop has to offer.

La Ruta Natural is out now on all music platforms to Purchase and Stream:

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