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[Video Submission] N.B.S. "Never Had"

N.B.S. - Never Had

(Official Music Video)

The indelible lyrics of N.B.S. (cousins Flash and Knuckles), continue to permeate borders with the release of their latest single “Never Had" produced by swiss heavy hitter Jakebeatz. Partnered with their frequent collaborators DJ Tray and Jakebeatz, N.B.S. delivered the third part of the album-threequel "SwissVets 3" on March 11th. Check out the visuals, and if you’d like to support, head over to the digital outlet of your choice to support the single "Never Had", which is now available via Empire Music. Keep your eyes and ears open for more leaks and visuals taken from "SwissVets 3".

Music Video:

Social Media:

Twitter: @NtheBS

Facebook: @NtheBS

Instagram: @NtheBS

Twitter: @DJ_Tray

Facebook: @DJTray

Instagram: @DJ_Tray

Twitter: @EmpireMus

Facebook: @EmpireMus


Twitter: @Jakebeatz



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