5th Annual Heritage Hip-Hop Awards

AWARDS 2021 coy kgb.png
Know Good Bastards
AWARDS 2021 collab sollight.png
Sol Zalez & Light The Emcee
AWARDS 2021 collab dotstomp.png
Dot Bundini & Big Stomp
AWARDS 2021 collab quis hit.png
Quis Chandla & The Hitsystem

Nominees for Song Of The Year

AWARDS 2021 soy ak.png
Akbar - YRBG 
Young Righteous Black Girl
AWARDS 2021 soy tdot.png
T-DOT - Above Standards
AWARDS 2021 soy trece7ev.png
AWARDS 2021 soy cheef.png
Trece7ev - Stop Playing Wit Me
Cheef Bali - Nexx2u
AWARDS 2021 soy neveah.png
AWARDS 2021 soy dbri.png
Neveah - Gotta Know
D.Bridges Blessed Featuring                     Choice
AWARDS 2021 soy tha savior.png

Nominees for Collab of the Year

AWARDS 2021 soy shereal.png
Tha Savior - Legendary Featuring Swerv, 050 Boys, Forever Myrick, Quas Amil, Left Gunnz
AWARDS 2021soy rap.png
Black Jesus
She Real - All Hail The Queen
AWARDS 2021 Song of the Year.png

Nominees for Artist Of The Year

AWARDS 2021 AOY J1da.png
AWARDS 2021 aoy nisaf.png
AWARDS 2021 Dot Bundini.png
Nisa F
AWARDS 2021AOY Stress.png
Dot Bundini
AWARDS 2021 aoy samad.png
Samad Savage
AWARDS 2021 aoy quis.png
Quis Chandla
AWARDS 2021 drift AOY.png

Nominees for Project Of The Year

First 6 Months 

AWARDS 2021 dot and stomp.png
Sweet Dreams Vol. 1
AWARDS 2021 drift.png
What My Soul Sounds Like
AWARDS 2021 nocturnal.png
Breathin Fire
AWARDS 2021 Money Zoe.png
Black King
AWARDS 2021 Quis Chandla & The Hitsystem.png
The Soul Needs Healing 
AWARDS 2021 Real As Promised.png
AWARDS 2021 smokey lox.png
The Hex Effect Vol.2
Lord of the Sewers
AWARDS 2021 the professionals.png
The Professionals
AWARDS 2021Alley Rocket.png
Apollo Boy
AWARDS 2021 Dox Diggla.png
There is No Spoon
AWARDS 2021 Fatboi Sharif and Roper Willaims.png
Ghandi Loves Children
AWARDS 2021 lyle omolayo.png
Kiss My Black Ass:
The Mixtape The Album
AWARDS 2021 Neveah.png
The Reign
AWARDS 2021 nymrod.png
Educated Music The EP
AWARDS 2021 RIQ.png
Point 5 EP
AWARDS 2021 skidadal.png
Abstract Music 4
AWARDS 2021 The 6ixers.png
The 6ixers
AWARDS 2021 yaladysprospect.png
When In Rome

Nominees for Project Of The Year

Second 6 months 

Blue Chips
It Gets Greater Later
Quis Chandla and .png
The Soul Needs Healing 2

2021 Heritage Hip-Hop Awards


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