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Sixth Annual Heritage Hip-Hop Award Show

Pre Award Show

Nominees for Group/Collab Project Of The Year

AOY Ill City.png
          ILL City
Collab nomination eandseve.png
ethemadassassin & Seven Da Pantha
collab 2022 sewerline.png
Had Da Gawd & Smokey Lox
collab 2022 BMR.png
Billion Man Rebellion
colla 2022 gail stan.png
Gail Campbell & Stan Ipkiss
collab 2022 jenzee.png
King Enzee & Jhersey
Collab 2022 nu.png

Nominees for Solo Project Of The Year

POY bridges.png
D. Bridges
POY 2022 MOLLY.png
POY 2022 NYM.png
POY Left.png
Left II Gunnz
POY 2022 Notes.png
POY 2022 PAPI.png
Papi Storz
POY 2022 RAP.png
Real As Promised
POY 2022 Samad.png
Samad  Savage

Nominees for Artist Of The Year

AOY Samad Savage.png
Samad Savage
AOY DB.png
D. Bridges
AOY SL.png.png
Smokey  Lox
AOY Notes82.png
AOY Ill City.png
ILL City

One Mic Award Winners

Black Gold Academy Awards Pinterest Graphic(2).png
The City Of Newark NJ
One Mic Award Nisaf.png
Nisa F

Gov Mattic Award Winners

Gov Mattic Award 2022 Jabar Brown.png
gov mattic award 2022 lyle omolayo.png
Jabar  Brown
Lyle Omolayo
Gov MAttic Award Middy Murdock.png
Middy Murdock

2022 Heritage Hip-Hop Awards Winners

Samad Savage
ILL City
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