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A New Era Begins...The Cornerstones Have Arrived.

There comes a time in Hip-Hop culture when groups are formed and it marks the beginning of something special. The culmination of energy and creativity brings a wholesome completion through respect of a unified vision. For those that do not get it, raise your level and your ears, the Cornerstones have arrived with a refreshing presentation of music.

People may already know of Samad Savage, I mean his run in music has been amazing. as a winner of prestigious awards (Heritage Hip-Hop) he always has presented himself as a leader in the NJ Hip-Hop community. Add J.1.Da who has made projects that talk to the soul through the lens of growth and struggle. Also an award winner that has projects, that check the heart and soul of the listener. The 2 other artists in this group need to have their praises song as well. Solis produces pride for his cultural background with insightful lyricism. He brings a style that is bilingual and deadly to the ear. Blaze The Rebel needs to also have his praises for his style, hunger, and checking the temperature of the listener with flows and stories as well.

When we put all of this together, the Cornerstones are formed and their debut project Set In Stone, is just that. This is a place setter in the new era of NJ Hip-Hop where the history of egos that have hurt the region, can now have a place setter where all the B.S. does not matter and we have music to stand on. With energy, a Jersey anthem and music that speaks not only to who is the best on the microphone but to the emotions of the growing culture around them. The Cornerstones represent what structure is in building a project and producing hope through their sound.

Cornerstones are the 4 points on what a foundation is built on connecting 2 walls at each point. We are treated to the foundation of lyrics, purpose, entertainment, and joy when it comes to this project. Real music can not only be enjoyed but leaves the listener with something to look forward to. At the end of listening to this project you will see that Blaze The Rebel and Solis need their praises sung for being truthful to who they are and their creative set of skills that brings life to the project. J.1.Da needs to be credited for not only representing himself and the Other Side Of Newark project he is on. He brings the inspection to the group with balance. Samad Savage is the part of the puzzle that adds a technique to the group that works. What is that technique? Only those that listen to the album will find out.

Set in Stone, the debut project from the Cornerstones drops 8/11/23 on all music platforms for purchase and streaming. Salute to the group and watch their debut video Humble Beginnings below:

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