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Acclaimed Hip Hop Artist Spaceman Releases "The Final Frontier" Video

Spaceman, a critically acclaimed Hip Hop artist from Long Island, NY releases "The Final Frontier" videotaken from his latest album 'Fascist Utopia' which continues to receive quite the radio and media buzz worldwide. The album serves as a soundtrack to world events, delivered with a bit of humor to allow audiences to digest the seriousness.

The single/video, "The Final Frontier" emanates tribal melodies which accentuate Spaceman's lyrical, matter-of-fact deliverance. Simple, yet complex at the same time, "The Final Frontier" is sure to have audiences grip the content and substance spewed from Spaceman. In about a minute and a half Spaceman takes us on a journey warped in the mindest of one day at a time and how that plays into our lives and the world around us.

YouTube video of The Final Frontier

'Fascist Utopia' album


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