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After the George Floyd...

On April 20, 2021 history was made in a monumental case where former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the charges of Murder and Man Slaughter of Mr. George Floyd. This case has been a social barometer of what America is and where the country is going. Professional sports leagues, social movements and conversation between all manner of people changed as a man cried for his mother and made the statement "I can't breathe", as he was suffocated to death by people that were protectors of the "law", who committed a crime and not stopped one. With this guilty verdict what happens now is the question we should all ask ourselves. As the verdict came out in Minnesota about this case Ma'khia Bryant, a 15 year old girl, was killed by being shot in the chest 4 times by a police officer as she was calling for help as the story goes.

People dying by the actions of police is a long history in our country, and the murder of Black, Hispanic or any non caucasian/white person is an even longer hurtful story that plays out year after year in our country. Men and women have been murdered by police in America by bullets, chokeholds, hangings, draggings, drownings, and more told and untold horror stories that by doing a look into American history we would rival barbaric stories of nation ran under mob rule when it comes to the taking of unjust loss of life. But what do we do now is the question?

After the verdict are we still to rest? Today the wake of Daunte Wright is being held and this event happens as another police officer shoots this young man "mistaking" her taser for her gun. We have the Tamir Rice case asked to be reopened to seek justice in another crime of murder/death by police. People are now scared to call police because it is a call of life and death as it seems people are afraid to have the "law" come and interact within civil issues within the community. In NJ boys were arrested and had their bicycles taken away, yet we see video of Caucasian/White people shoot people, drive off on police, have weapons and storm capitol buildings and nothing fatal happens to them when confronted or in these interactions.

So what do we do now? Do we cheer the verdict and return to the way it was? No, not in my opinion. It is more time now to raise children to be part of the society we are in and also to do for self. Become part of the police and make change form the inside, be lawyers, business owners, politicians, doctors and high level of contributors to our society and not wait for people to do for us that are not us.

The Bible says in the Old Testament in the first 5 Books, when Israel was to chose a ruler to not elect someone that does not look like them, OR on that does not come from their nation (people) because the ruler will not have mercy on them because they will favor their own people first and them second if not at all. Think about that and consider God told us to not put others ahead of us. Let's take this lesson of the country changing and erase the B.S. in our society by encouraging and promoting our children to learn business, politics, law and more to help change society. Let's not wait for others to do our jobs for us. Let their flaws be exposed as we build our society one mind, and one idea at a time in the hopes of making cases like this our past as we look forward to a new life, and new reality to come.

Rest In Peace to all we have lost to violence and murder from authorites. 1 down in Minnesota and 3 more to go. Convict J.Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao for the murder of George Floyd. While we are told the government is now looking for white supremacists in government and police precincts around the country, it is still our responsibility to vote in local elections and build our own to change this country one child, one mind and one idea at a time. Until then the narrative will not change and yearly we will count the lives of people taken and not celebrate their lives being lived. We will have memorials of those taken, and memories of open wounds that sometimes never close.


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