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All's Fair In Mud And War - OutDaMud Has Arrived!

OutDaMud is special to us because as Heritage Hip-Hop grew, they grew with us. Frank Castle has been a solid individual that stood on his word from before Heritage Hip-Hop was created and today that uniform approach to standing on his word has translated into a tenacity of growth that has his pen as sharp as it could be with more samurai bladed intent to come within every song. Shot Kobang always impressed with his will and delivery to be one of the greats and with new found merit in his health and points of strength, he has become a warlord of lyrical diatribe when a hook or painting is requested by the beats he rhymes on. HeritageHipHop.com was the home of the Mixtape B.C. Era which was a precursor to the album we have today and songs like Soul Food (Heritage Hip-Hop Thanksgiving Anthem Classic), It's On, etc . marked the arrival of these 2 artists as they moved forward while having a secret weapon with them.

Grimm Cyph came to the platform after being introduced to us as another family member to the movement not discounting others that we have met but he had a different mode to his talent and his voice is the nail that skins the top layer of talent that he possessed at the time. By combining these 3 talents under the direction of ILL City Ent. led by Riq, OutDaMud has emerged from guest spots on posse cuts to debut their first EP under the ILL City brand. From the long wait, we are given the gift of passion and the arrival of something special to live with in a world where music is easily consumed and forgotten.

All's Fair In Mud and War starts off with a ear opening song named Mud and War. Philosophically Mud is where all life comes from when land and water meet. The War in creation was to make it to the next level of existing by going through the struggle of raising the bar of life. This song raises the bar of those that knew of OutDaMud's sound before, by reintroducing them to their ears. For new listeners this is a bar raising experience by being introduced to new voices that go against the grain of mainstream trash that is force fed to the masses.

Song for song Frank Castle and Shot Kobang not only upshot on their skills they have shown on the last project (B.C. Era), the addition of Grimm Cyph adds polish to many of the songs that are on this EP. Stand out song Momma's Love features a hook by Dot Bundini a master painter of lyrics and the subject matter attacks the heart and soul of the listener. With a flip of the Hell on Earth melody to talk about hardships. About how a man has to face life for what it is, but being reminded of mom's words. We fight to make our own way and are reminded of the choices that we have made guide that guide our decisions for right or wrong is a mastery of Hip-Hop's way of telling us the stories. We live never taking time to examine them until we sit and reflect to music or in penitent silence.

The classic and stand out song on this project comes from OutDaMud featuring Big Stomp. Ascension is the rock that anchors this project and delivers where most Hip-Hop today has fallen short especially in the main stream. It answers the question, "Who are You?", when we want to connect with an artist. The desire for more and dealing with growth will mature a person with fierce consequences. Castle, Cyph and Kobang go into their souls to talk about pain and the feature verse by Big Stomp puts a perfect bow on the effect of change and the decision to be better.

This project is from the beginning to the end a testament of what happens when you raise your bar to be renewed into a new chapter in your life. Reflection of the hard times and the journey for more is the perfect vision of walking through mud to become cleansed. The war in the journey is to "....Go through it, or ...Grow Through it..." and as the listener ingests this story of manhood and struggle, we all grow through the words and beats. Songs like Off The Block talk about the struggle , but songs like Over My Mind speak on the fight to love receiving it and giving it. The fair part of the war is the decision to partake in it or to sit it out. Either way the war is present and you will be drafted into the evolution of life through the struggle and good music will help you travel those steps. This EP is a guiding light through 3 men's lives that can be relatable in testimony. In the beginning their was mud and from the dust we came and to the dust we will return. But in the rhythm of life the heartbeat, the drum and the words of the MC will aid us in our travels. This EP is special and with the connection of beats and harmony, OUTDAMUD and ILL City Ent. start off another chapter of great music that will lead to the desire for more.

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