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Alley Rocket Take's Us On A Journey With Apollo Boy Deluxe

We live in a time where great bodies of work are not heard, they are experienced by angles and posts on social media. Alley Rocket takes us back to the time where great bodies of work can be appreciated in the audio world not only the visual reality of a cell phone or computer screen. Take a walk on the side of life that vibes with reality, fantasy, truth and fun at the same time. The forerunner of the Rap Villain family comes back after his award nominated project Apollo Boy with a growth project titled Apollo Boy Deluxe.

This project is Alley Rocket showing his growth vocally and lyrically. We usually get albums where after the first song we hear the tone but it is lost in the sound of every artist out today that says the same thing and follows the same path. NJ Hip-Hop follows no one's path. Alley Rocket keeps that tradition going with music that will not only build his growing fan base to new heights, but the musical journey of this album will bring more listeners to his creative path that will travel through his world of relationships, the inner city, the rules of the game, and more importantly representing for his "cadets" that walk with him on his audio profession as Apollo Boy, the architect of rhythm and words.

Be sure to check out the new project, Apollo Boy Deluxe, and grow with this artist that expresses his truth through not only his words and beats. Grow with him as he sets the much needed tone of where Hip-Hop is going tomorrow right now, with lyrics that are fun and a style that has already been copied by the mainstream artists that need to be hot. You know where they get it first and here is one of the innovators of the new NJ Hip-Hop that is changing the world.

Apollo Boy Deluxe comes out December 22nd and here is the Stimmy video:


Alley rocket:


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