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Aristoteles "Greek Bars"

Aristoteles "Greek Bars" Official Music Video

"Greek Bars" is the first single and video off the upcoming Aristoteles album entitled "Never Had Self Care". Aristoteles is not for everybody but surely, he has a song for everybody. First and foremost, "Never Had Self Care" is about the ability to look within. As a child, Aristoteles was already surrounded by various countries, continents, and their associated cultures. You can immediately hear these experiences in his eclectic sound, with Hip Hop as the common thread.

Aristoteles expresses his personal experiences with depression on the album. The music and spoken word represent different stages of it. The listeners shall experience aggression, depression, recognition, flight behavior, acceptance, and love. Because of these different layers and moods, the music has common ground with everyone who has an ear for it.

Music Link:

Instagram: @Aristotelesz

Facebook: @Aristoteles


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