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Arrested Development Deliver "For The Fkn Love" Album & 3 Videos

Music lovers along with Hip Hop purists know there isn’t a sound, a style, or marque that can match the caliber of the iconic, legendary Hip Hop group Arrested Development; past, present or future. With that being said, it only makes sense that devoted fans across the globe are in a frenzied state of euphoria listening to the group's new album ‘For The FKN Love.’ This is the first album they've collaborated with equally scaled artists making the project that much more fulfilling. Guest appearances include Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, Monie Love, Fatman Scoop, Freddie Foxxx, The Sugar Hill Gang, KXNG Crooked, G. Love, Tony Momrelle, and that’s only naming a few!

The album even features Weekly Rap God’s very own Tap Da Mic cohost Twan Mack and other vetted artists such as Dell-P, Lish, Ke’andra, 4ize, Twisted Royalty, Cleveland P. Jones, MRK SX & Janah. The 17-track album is executively produced by front-man Speech and British boom-bap wiz Configa.

Some might concur Speech is in rare form throughout the album as he conjures up the early years of Arrested Development, the horrific tragedy of Breonna Taylor, Covid-19 global pandemic, an exposed and controversial VLAD interview, as well as airing out some harsh truths regarding the ’90s. However, said content is delivered in bona fide AD fashion; soul-gripping and thought-provoking yet spiritually invigorating enough to move the body.

‘For The FKN Love‘ is a nostalgic adrenaline rush that’s mind-stimulating and refreshing to the ears. Stream the album and watch three video releases below. Watch the virtual Album Release Listening Session hosted by June Archer (thisis50) with DJ K-OTIC on the wheel along with special guests Fatman Scoop, Masta Ace, Configa, Dell-P, Twan Mack, and more! https://streamyard.com/ydjaphgdbuzz

Music Video Links:

Never Had Your Back :

Swing UM - Ft. Masta Ace & Fatman Scoop

Vibe - Ft Big Daddy Kane


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