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Billboard/Platinum Producer Haas G Links Back with R&B Singer Katherine Swain In "Stars"

After the worldwide buzz from Katherine Swain’s “Make Up Your Mind” single, the R&B sensation returns with her brand-new single “Stars” with production by legendary/billboard/platinum/2x Grammy-nominated Haas G (Fantom of the Beat). The acapella intro alone is enough to raise neck hairs and entice listeners into minutes of a romantic ballad. A ballad that's driven by a 70’s aesthetics with blends of retro melodies. Even Swain’s vocals transude a Summer’s and Ross vibe. Through unyielding passion and soulful harmonies, Swain asks her lover to look up to the stars, that’s where he can find her; only he can bring her down with his touch and tempting stare. Stream “Stars” and connect with Katherine Swain below.

"Stars" Spotify Link:

Connect with Katherine Swain:

Instagram: @thekswain @katherine_swain

Twitter: @thekswain


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