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Billion Man Rebellion Honors The Legacy Of Hip-Hop

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

In Hip-Hop culture, the people tend to call for someone to come from out of their numbers to lead a new era of lyrics, delivery, and the heart that represents the land and spirit in which they come from. Sometimes there are traces of greatness that comes from the people that is so unexpected, that the term Ghost is applied to how this movement appears and takes over with no trace of an origin just a recollection of the change, or shift in the environment from when the effects of the change first appeared. After Billion Man Rebellion released Static Files, their last full project, we see the shift that has occurred within the community that loves Hip-Hop's culture and identity.

Dontique and CF represent Brooklyn, New York and Jersey City, New Jersey but their destination is not the Metropolitan New York area, it is the world. With Hip-Hop's influence being felt all over the world, we see the effect of their voices when it hits the ears of the people looking for "Real MCs" to come back to the culture. Griselda Records in the known reaches of artists will be credited for bringing the gritty feel back to Hip-Hop but Billion Man Rebellion brings back the concept of street music with an edge of edutainment mixed in it as well. Now with the release of their new Project, Ghost Lineage, this group embarks on not only letting you know that the Taino spirit that lives in Hip-Hop will always stay present. They also represent for the spirit of the warrior that takes no prisoners on letting the world know line for line and bar for bar they are ready for war with anyone that says Hip-Hop is in a box; not willing to see the greatness inside of that box that has not only changed the world but allowed the people to be heard from a culture that invokes life in every note chanted, and played in rhythm.

Check out the new video 3 Kings, and follow Billion Man Rebellion on all social media platforms. Their albums are available on all streaming platforms to purchase and stream. The impact of a Ghost is not in the feeling that is felt during the time you are scared or changed within the experience of contact. No, it is felt after the initial meeting that one's perception of what is real and the realness of the encounter brings forth from the life changing event itself. Will you go back to the head nod of the masses that rhyme over their own lyrics and have nothing to say? Or will the head nod change to bar for bar growth that gives meaning to the word movement as the vision clears and the BS that is called Hip-Hop dims from your eyes and the beats start to mute from your system? Change comes and goes and while it is here real Hip-Hop will chant "We Are BMR..." and nothing will be the same after the shift occurs as it sparks the new era of change within in the culture.

3 Kings:

Black Ties Vs. Ski Mask:


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