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Bloody Waters: The Genesis of Gail Campbell

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

March 30, 2019

Tonight the world was introduced to the beginning of a new era of sound. Bloody Waters release party came and went making the world a more soulful and forgiving place. The world knows many people that can sing, but not too many people know of Gail Campbell. Tonight the world was introduced to Gail Campbell and a renewal of faith in music started to grow when music from her Debut album, Bloody Waters, started to play. The crowd swayed back and forth with joy in their hearts. Young women praised danced to the music giving God worship and praise for the creation of music that was delivered by Stan Ipkiss and Gail Campbell. The hood came out to celebrate and the listeners were given a reason to believe that real music still exist. I call this the Genesis because in the book of Genesis God began the world giving people the commandment to take control of the world and make it our own. Gail Campbell is taking the world ear by ear, soul by soul and giving them a renewed understanding of music coming from the soul, not a program director or someone telling you how to think, sound, or feel. When Gail danced with her mother to the classic track Overdose and brought out Tha Savior to rhyme over the gritty 70s dance track the crowd was moved by the soul and spirit that moved through out the room.

This night was a celebration not only for Gail Campbell to release her voice and emotion on music. This is the night that real music came back to the forefront and people were treated to not only the depth of emotions that came from Gail's inner self. We were all treated to her pain, her joy, her growth, and the genesis of her new life as healer through musical expression. If you crave good music go buy and stream Bloody Waters and contact Gail Campbell and tell her what that album has done for you. For 1 night in Montclair, NJ it made the world still and gave us a reason to rejoice at God's Plan for 1 soul.

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