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Congratulations Tonia Champagne Winner of the Gov Mattic Hip-Hop Culture Award

This Year the 2018 Winner of the Gov Mattic Hip-Hop Award goes to Tonia Champagne. Ms. Champagne has a reputation and resume that shows undying effort and works done to promote Hip-Hop culture through her community service to the people of Newark, New Jersey. Through her movement We Got Us Kidz and help from other people in the Hip-Hop community and city officials, Ms. Champagne has thrown events to clean up parks and give away book bags and resources to children in the community. She also has her own radio platform GS Radio Newark, where she has given platforms to to people wanting to be heard in the community musically and politically. We take this time to honor Ms. Tonia Champage on her undying effort to lift people up in the community and being a consistent strength for all in the Hip-Hop community.

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