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Conversation Heals and Brings People Together.

Tonight I had the experience of hearing a dialogue between men and women on topics such as love, sex, commitment and life. These conversations are much needed in our society now more than ever where everyone is looking for change and how to find their peace within it. Nikk Simms aka Ms. Parker of the youtube show The WhineDown and Hip-Hop spiritual teacher and activist Dox Diggla, held a conversation piece tonight called Bridging the Sexes to help build the change that people are experiencing into a healing mechanism that will help men and women not only grow from expressing their thoughts and beliefs on relationships, but also give insight as to understanding ourself and others that we encounter in our lives.

Topics of loving other people start from learning how to love oneself, correct? So why is there not a place where people can talk about love and not be restricted when it comes to social love, personal love, intimate love and cultural love? At Above The Art Studios in New Brunswick, NJ people were given the opportunity to share their feelings, and beliefs when it comes to the complimentary sex (not opposing) and gain an understanding on certain topics about love and what people want out of it. Sex and love are the binds that tie the human imagination. Pair that with healthy conversation, good drinks and an atmosphere with good people with healing the mind, body and soul at the core of the meeting, and you have what it takes to secure the change needed to help people learn what love is and how to be strong for themselves as well as being able to manifest happiness in their lives.

Unfortunately we live in a world where molestation is the norm for boys and women and coping is hard to accept and heal from. People are living in pain and feel that they have no place to turn or gain understanding to help them heal from pain.

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