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CUTTY: The Entrepreneur Who Doesn't Lose Focus

CUTTY has gotta get those angles & best believe that he does.

The proud owner of the #1 network in New Jersey for indie talent called Cutty TV, the multi-entrepreneur is living his dream.

Not only is putting New Jersey & other upcoming artist on the map, but he's also leaving a legacy for the youth. Thus, Cutty's heart is in the right place as he does it all for his little brother, Chew who is currently incarcerated "I'm building the empire for when he gets home, so he doesn't have to turn to the streets." he adds "I'm getting so close to my idols. Its like I have to idolize what I'm doing & the impact I have on others. This whole ride been inspiring to me so I want to keep inspiring because that inspires me."

Out of the box, Cutty's events have a cinematic feel to leave others on the edge. If you're searching for a trusted source when it comes to lituations or hot music, look no further. Cutty is the answer. "I'm the face of a big network, a community & sometimes a whole state I want them to know I got them."

Cutty is from Lakewood New Jersey, but Edgewater Park New Jersey is what made Cutty from Cutty TV. As a whole Edgewater Park, New Jersey's citizens are a close knit family & look out for each other. "I like how I came up. My peoples moved different."

Inspired by his undying grind, Cutty clocks into a drive that goes at full speed. Cutty TV started in 2015 & was first shot off of his iPhone. Following after, Cutty upgraded to a more new-aged optical instrument. Then the camera started rolling. Aside from Cutty TV, he manages artist. In turn, it steered him into promoting. "Down the road I picked up an artist, then with that comes show bookings so I got into events." he says " Once I hit the clubs I seen the money & potential. Then I took it to a new level." In terms of cameras, Cutty is a Vlogger newbie. He does it because he lives a fascinating life & feels like the people would want to see what his life is like through his eyes is.

If anyone is looking for a turnt event, Cutty advises that they go to a Cutty TV event. "I heard they're the best in New Jersey for fun & a good experience." Take his word for it, he's been to a couple of them & thinks that they're dope for sure. He reccommends that you also listen to YNG Brizy & bump Savage Year Volume 2 from YouTube or Spinrilla because it's fire. "The features on there is crazy."

For anyone with an aspiration, Cutty says to get up & go do it. "Stop sitting around, stop waiting for that special call to come, get out there & shake hands with the big boys. Apply pressure. That's the only way to it unless you have money."

Expect Season 1 of the Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown to come really soon. Project Living is in the works as well. Maybe we will even see him interview Philly native, Drama B2R. "We have different schedules & all. But I've been following him for a minute & I think he's going to blow soon. I like his story. You could say he remind me of sh-t I like to listen to & he make the same type of music so, its a win win." says Cutty

Lights, camera, action!

Cutty is in the building.

By: Natalee Gilbert


Instagram: @theofficialcutty & @weoncuttytv

OTHER: https://linktr.ee/theofficialcutty

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