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Dedicated To Deuce H. Wood The 5th. There Will Be No Other.

Sometimes we know an artist by their art. We can puton a song and close our eyes and just go into a world where we "know" what to expect and what to feel. NJ Hip-Hop MC Deuce H. Wood The 5th was not like that. He was the incredible puzzle that captured your mind and gave birth to the "WTF was That!?" experience. His uncanny love of Science fiction, comics books, and Hip-Hop gave birth to a style that will not be copied and a presence that wil not be emulated by anyone ever again.

Deuce did not make street music, or the typical rappers music. He made eclectic music that when sat with and taken in, the words where deeper than the 16s that he gave us. Whether telling a story or just flipping words and sounds deuce always found a way to bend your ear and give your brain a tug at thinking about the rhyme not just nodding your head. His use of words were not just an MC trait that gave him the knack to rhyme, he used his passion for the community to aid in his style and development.

Deuce 5 was a teacher for youth in the Hip-Hop community. He gave back with his selfless care for those that needed a gaurdian and guide to aid in being prepared for the society we live in. Deuce gave his strength and energy to be a role model and an upright citizen to strengthen that people who looked up to him and needed leadership inside the classroom and out of it as well. Deuce always encouraged and did his bestto lead people to the solution and not focus on the problems at hand.

While going through his own personal tough times he never fell back on the negatives when we spoke. He would always tell me of how to look towards better times and better things to come. Dwelling on the present spoils the past and clouds the future was how we would speak to each other. His optimism and his live for the art gave us a creative man that used his love for comics and the mind to create music that was a niche all to its' own and left people amazed by his delivery.

The one project that left us in awe was with his Headphone Therapy brother Stanley Ipkiss, as the phenomenal project Comic Cons, can to fruition. Who rhymes over the Batman theme from the 60s? Who rhymes as Spider-Man? I know one person who did and Deuce is his name. When teamed up with his partner in rhyme Grumpy Old Man people had to pick up their faces and see that feel good hip-Hop comes in all forms, and will always make a statement in the culture.

As part of the Know Good Brothers Deuce gave his power to represent his fellow members and fallen veterans as well (RIP Cheeph Boogie aka Polo Fresh). The gza said in a song when we lose an MC the news is devastating and this one is no different. Deuce H. Wood The 5th left this world in the comfort of friends, music and the place he loved the studio. May God grant you peace. May you rock a stage with the ancestors and fight for us in the spirit as your music plays, and the beats remind us of your type of dopeness aka F.U.V.M. To the memory of Deuce H. Wood The 5th, there will never be another. We are so damn lucky to have known you. May the world learn to be one of a kind as yourself, and have to passion for life as you had for your craft. Peace!

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