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Dedicated To The Mothers that have Passed On And The Children Left Behind.

Mother's day can be the day we share meals, pictures, and laughs with our family. You will hear playlists from everywhere playing "Mama" by Boys 2 Men, "Dear Mama by 2Pac, or "I'll Always Love my Mommy" by the Intruders. People will give gifts and they will celebrate being someone's baby that day and give honor and respect to the woman that gave birth to them, or the Step Parent that raised them due to whatever circumstances their personal lives have given them. We salute all of you that do such. There are some people that look at Mother's Day another way also.

I am in this group as I never really celebrated the day due to religious beliefs. In 2017 I got a voice message telling me my mother passed away and my life changed. I joined into a family of siblings we will all join one day but dread that day of adoption. This family has many members but only is united in sorrow due to the circumstances of their relationship. When a child loses a mother whether young or grown it is an emptiness that will never be made whole again.

We suffer with memories of smiles, conversations we can not have to share our victories or have talks about our problems with someone we trust. We miss introducing them to our new families or connections and always hold on to what we have as we look at pictures and think of good times that we share. We have so much to say and all we have is memories, and headstones to speak to as we look to the sky or God to make us feel better. On this day we are not represented while it feels like the world get to celebrate having a connection we do not have to hold onto any more.

Dot Bundini and Big Stomp released a video this Mother's Day 2021 that represents how we feel and this song is the very pulse that our hearts beat on. "So Much To Say", is the song that talks about feeling like you best is gone and life is not the same, and also remembering the little things that makes us smile and appreciate the times passed. The Hands of love, join us and unfortunately the hands of time separate us but may this song keep us unified with our matriarchs as we live and remember the lessons they have taught to us.

So much to say is available on the Album Sweet Dreams Vol.1 available to stream and Purchase now on all music platforms.

Sweet Dreams: https://open.spotify.com/album/0bj3i7Sfp4ZUTr1Hv1qhH2


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