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DJs: Award-Winning, Billboard Charting Singing Sensation Taurie Releases "Redo"

Award-winning, Top 20 Billboard singer/songwriter/producer/model/choreographer Taurie releases her tantalizing single/video "Redo."

Through her use of soulful, sultry vocals Taurie shares an all too familiar tale. After spending time with someone creating nostalgia, it abruptly comes to an end.

In the midst of the visuals, we see Taurie showing a sexy side that what man could resist? She extends an invitation to spend more time, wine and dine, and explore the mind and body. Taurie is asking for a redo. Her stimulating deliverance is heightened by a blend of contemporary R&B melodies, and striking tones.

Taurie also displays a passion that runs deep with oceanside, intimate tub moments, and seductive vibes. Will she get that redo she yearns for? Press play for an unexpected climax.

"Redo" official YouTube video:

Connect with Taurie on all platforms:



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